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MyPodcastPublisher is a MySQL/PHP software which help in publishing audio and video podcast on your own web site.

With MyPodcastPublisher you can create several Podcast Channels and publish episode for them. MyPodcastPublisher will manage the display in a web browser, but also RSS feeds that are compatible with podcast reader like iTunes or Nokia Podcast Reader.
MyPodcastPublisher offer management tools with access rights levels (admin, editor, author, reader) and stats.


Overview - User Manual - Downloads - What's New - FAQ

Release 0.5   Taille   zip   GNU Tar  
    Release 0.5
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Release 0.4   Taille   zip   GNU Tar  
    Release 0.4
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Overview - User Manual - Downloads - What's New - FAQ

What's New


Version 0.5 : (pas traduit en français)

  • New feature : Ability to delete podcast.
  • Add a new module to manage help popups. Start to introduce help information
  • Move any font attributes from html templates to CSS file. WIll help in style customization of MyPodcastPublisher
  • New feature : Ability to replace the uploaded file associated with channel.
  • New feature : Ability to upload an image file associated with the channel and not only give a link to an external image.
  • Code improvement : Add an extended PcsEngine Module class to manage wizard data.
  • Code improvement : Misc
  • Change PclTemplate to release 0.6-RC2

Version 0.4 :

  • First public version. Look at readme file for more details.



Overview - User Manual - Downloads - What's New - FAQ



F.A.Q. :

Q1 : Is MyPodcastPublisher a stable software ?

MyPodcastPublisher is still in a beta version. Release 0.4 is the first public release. However MyPodcastPublisher is not just a concept, nor an alpha release, and can be used now with good results.

(Link to FAQ-01)



Overview - User Manual - Downloads - What's New - FAQ


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