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PCJS Color Chooser is a popup window which allow you to select a color and return its value in a form element. It can also be used to dynamically modify the color attributes of an object.

User Guide

PCJS Color Chooser is made with a single file which containts the script ("pcjscolorchooser.js"). The file needs to be included in your HTML.
Call the Color Chooser by the JavaScript function PcjsColorChooser(object_src_id, object_dest_id, property)
Where : 'object_src_id' is a valid id of the calling object, 'object_dest_id' is a valid id of the object that will get the result, 'property' a valid property for the destination object. 'property' can be omitted. By default it will be 'value'

Sample :

<script language="JavaScript" src="javascript/pcjscolorchooser.js"></script>
<form name="maform">
Couleur: <input id="result_id" type="text" name="montexte" value="#FF0033">
<input id="button_id" type="button" value="Choisir la couleur" onClick="
PcjsColorChooser('button_id', 'result_id', 'value')">


Demo 1 :
Select a color :
Demo 2 : Modify color :
Choose a color




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