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PhpWindowSystem (PWS) is a library that manage the displaying (frame, menus, ...) and the events of any kind of windowed applications.

Today PWS is released as an alpha version, which objective is only to have an overview of what PWS will look in the futur. This will give you the opportunity to react on what is going on here ...

The alpha version have a sample application, in order to understand very pratically how to implement an application using PWS. This sample application, called MiniPhpZip, read, creates and slitly manage zip archives.

A very little documentation might be available at the begining, but this will be more complete for the first release.

The development state of PWS files can be found on SourceForge CVS. Please note that these files are on dev status and may not be fully operational (even for a demo) from time to time.

See the demonstration.

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Overview - User Guide - Downloads - What's New

  No release today. Have a look to the CVS on SourceForge.  

Overview - User Guide - Downloads - What's New

What's New


To be completed


Overview - User Guide - Downloads - What's New


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